In their first encounter of the 2022 Asia Cup against reigning champion India, Hong Kong performed well. Ajay Jadeja, a former India batter, said that they can dream of going further in their match against Pakistan on Thursday because of the latter’s history of being wildly inconsistent. Not only did they manage to score over 150 runs against them and remain unbeaten, but they also battled with India for the majority of the first 10 overs.

Since Babar Azam took over as captain, Pakistan has seemed to be a much more stable team. To advance to the Super Fours, where they may meet India once again on Sunday, Pakistan must defeat Hong Kong on Sunday. Jadeja said that while Hong Kong played well against India, Rohit Sharma’s team suffered in the first 10 overs mostly due of the individual player performances rather than the bowling side’s effectiveness.

In regards to Hong Kong surprising Pakistan, Jadeja on Cricbuzz remarked, “I am not very sure about the quality but they would want to accomplish it.” “They want to demonstrate that it wasn’t an isolated incident and that India didn’t bowl us out. In my opinion, the stats may sometimes be deceiving, much like (Kusal) Mendis. People who did not see (the game between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on Wednesday) will read the statistics and exclaim, “Wow what a good knock.” Similarly, KL had a significant role in (India’s struggle) in the opening 10 overs. Rohit Sharma was out early, Rahul hasn’t played for a very long time, and Virat Kohli hasn’t been in great shape. It wasn’t a true reflection, however. They are far behind in terms of quality, but they want to replicate it, “ he added.