According to recent reports, four members of Afghanistan’s Under-19 squad have remained in the United Kingdom and have not returned to Afghanistan with their colleagues after competing in the just concluded World Cup in the West Indies. There is one player and three members of the support staff. The group is reportedly in London, and their transit permits are set to expire on Tuesday (February 8).

The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) is yet to respond to the matter. Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s World Cup campaign was a triumph, with the team finishing fourth, three places better than in 2020. They came close to defeating England in the semi-final, but owing to weather, they were lost by England by 15 runs.

According to ESPN, Ahmadzai told, “They got my messages. They have, however, been unable to respond. I told them that their presence in Afghanistan was required. Sports, particularly cricket, have benefited Afghanistan considerably. During the World Cup, we received great support. When you’re doing something for your country, it can have a long-term impact on you. You can become upset and make decisions in the heat of the moment, but I feel it will effect you later. It was a pleasure working with them on Afghanistan cricket. They will, I am confident, return. It is a personal choice. There are times when you don’t have a plan at all. This is a group of people I’m familiar with.”  Ahmadzai argues that if the quartet decides not to return, it will have no impact on Afghan cricket, but they will be “forever guilty.”