Team India has started preparing for the ODI World Cup that will take place in their country the following year. The three-match series between India and New Zealand was lost, with rain acting as a constant hindrance. However, the star players are back in the lineup for the series in Bangladesh, with Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and captain Rohit Sharma all being included in the starting XI for the game in Mirpur. Sunil Gavaskar, a former captain of India, issued a stern warning to the Indian team about taking breaks before the series began. (Live Score: First ODI between India and Bangladesh)

One of the main complaints after India failed to win the T20 World Cup trophy last month in Australia related to the breaks that most players, including players like Kohli and Rohit, had taken during the build-up.

Gavaskar advised the Indian team to take more breaks as they prepare for the 2023 World Cup before the start of the series on Sunday when both the senior players rejoined the team. He believes that India must play every match with their starting lineup before the tournament begins at home nine months from now.

“I hope there won’t be a lot of cutting and pasting. I also hope that there isn’t too much giving of a break at this time. When you enter the World Cup, the combination then needs a lot of time to gel. Additionally, there are no games in the World Cup that you can afford to lose. Therefore, the core must participate in every game. Yes, there will occasionally be a player who fills in when you need an extra batter or bowler. But every single one-day game must be played by the core. No sleep. You represent India in the game. No sleep. You aspire to a World Cup victory. And for that, you need that combination to gel every single game, he added.