The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has concluded that changing the restrictions of short-pitched bowling is not necessary, thus allowing bouncers to remain. In an over, the ICC allows two bouncers up to head height. “After thorough research in the area, the decision is that there will not be a change in the rules,” MCC said in a statement on Friday (March 4), promising to educate players on the risks of concussion, particularly when remaining on the field after a head impact that may be concussive.”

The conclusion is based on the fact that current laws protect hitters, even those of lesser talent, while still providing sufficient deterrents for bowlers, such as the imposition of a No ball penalty and subsequent suspension. MCC official told Cricbuzz that the decision was reached following a survey that was launched last year. “Many different stakeholders in the game were contacted as part of the consultation. The information gathered was then debated by the Club’s numerous committees and sub-committees before a decision was made,” According to the spokeswoman.