Indian cricket is already going through a change. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli’s careers in ODI cricket are anticipated to be comparable to those in T20 cricket after hosting the World Cup this year. Rohit and Kohli have both served as the cornerstone of Indian cricket for around 10 years. Despite significant recent changes, they continue to rank among the top 10 hitters in the world for limited-overs cricket. The bats of these two veterans no longer generate runs as often as they once did, but there remains a talent pool waiting for opportunities. India should not pin all of their World Cup-winning aspirations on Kohli and Rohit, according to Kapil Dev, the captain of the 1983 World Cup-winning squad.

“If they want to win the World Cup, the coach, selectors, and team management will have to make some tough decisions. They will have to put the demands of the team ahead of their desires. It will never happen if you think Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and a few other players can carry us to victory in the World Cup. You ought to have confidence in your team. Do we have such a squad? Definitely. Do we already know the outcome of the match? I say! Some of our players are capable of winning the World Cup.” Speaking with ABP News was Kapil.

Rohit, India’s recognized all-formats captain, has gone more than two years without scoring an ODI century. In contrast, Kohli ended a 36-month drought by scoring an ODI century in the third game against Bangladesh last month.

According to Kapil, Rohit and Kohli have made contributions; it is now up to the younger players to drive the team forward.

“The core members of your team are often a select group of men. Although they are the team’s focal point, we still need to produce at least five or six other players that are comparable to them. I claim that Virat and Rohit are unreliable because of this. You need players who do all of their responsibilities. The young people must stand out and say that this is their chance “said the renowned all-rounder.

When the 2018 World Cup is over at home, Rohit will be going near to 37, and Kohli will have just turned 36. According to Kapil, the two superstars would have to put out a superhuman effort to compete in the next ODI World Cup.

“The biggest benefit is that India will host the World Cup. Nobody knows the problem better than we do. In the past eight to ten years, Virat and Rohit have been two of India’s finest cricketers. Many people now ponder if Virat and Rohit will play in one more World Cup. I believe they can play, even if they will have to put in a lot of work. It will be crucial to be fit. Will they be able to compete with the many young people that are emerging? It depends on how they want to play their game whether there is a question mark or not. Talent is in great supply “He said.

Beginning on January 10, India will face Sri Lanka in a three-match ODI series. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli will be back on the team.