Arjun Tendulkar, the illustrious son of former India batsman Sachin Tendulkar, matched his father’s remarkable First-Class achievement on December 14 by slamming a century on his Ranji Trophy debut. Arjun made 120 runs for Goa against Rajasthan off 207 deliveries, smacking 16 fours and two sixes his way to an outstanding performance at Porvorim. After experiencing a lack of continuous chances for Mumbai’s local team, which Sachin Tendulkar had represented throughout his career, Arjun moved to Goa earlier this year.

The amazing cricket career of his father puts a lot of pressure on the 23-year-old Indian teenager. But on Wednesday, in Goa’s Elite Group C encounter, Arjun finally made his impact with the bat as his innings helped the team reach a solid total of 547/9. After Arjun scored his first century in First-Class cricket, Tendulkar Sr. was understandably overjoyed. He spoke in-depth about his son’s accomplishment during a conversation with Gaurav Kapoor at an Infosys event.

When the presenter inquired about Tendulkar’s first thoughts after Arjun’s century, Tendulkar remembered an incident involving his father, Ramesh. “I recall my father telling someone that he was referred to as “Sachin’s father”; this was just after I began playing for India. When he heard it, my father’s buddy said, “How do you feel?” It’s the proudest moment of my life, he said. According to Tendulkar, fathers want their children to be known for the good deeds they have accomplished.

“Arjun did not have a typical upbringing. It’s not that simple being the son of a long-established cricketer. That is the sole reason I asked the media in Mumbai to give Arjun the chance to fall in love with cricket when I retired and was honored by them. After he performs, you may respond in a variety of ways. However, don’t attempt to push him; I never experienced parental pressure like that. They enabled me to express myself freely in public. There was no pressure from others’ expectations; instead, we were given support and advice on how to improve ourselves. It would be difficult, I kept warning him (Arjun). You won’t be able to alter everything. We must alter our perspective.

He has had a difficult voyage; it hasn’t been an easy ride for him. Rohan Gavaskar could be someone who can connect to him,” said Tendulkar. Rohan Gavaskar, who played for India in 11 ODIs, is the illustrious son of legendary former Indian hitter Sunil Gavaskar. However, despite having a fantastic First-Class career with Bengal, Rohan was unable to make the Indian Test squad.