Wasim Akram, a legendary player for Pakistan, has issued a strong warning to everyone who mocked Arshdeep Singh for dropping a catch during the India vs. Pakistan Asia Cup 2022 match. Akram implicitly issued a challenge to those who use the internet to preach hatred and challenged them to troll him; he has a suitable response. After Arshdeep, India’s left-arm seamer was criticised on social media for his fielding gaffe, Akram had an outburst. The 23-year-old, who made his India debut earlier this year, was insulted, had his Wikipedia profile altered, and had personal remarks made about him.

The public behaviour, according to Akram, who was an expert during the Asia Cup, puzzles him since it’s hard to believe that Arshdeep is being attacked by citizens of his nation. He said that if it were him, he wouldn’t hesitate to respond to the trolls in their own tongue.

“Try me if social media wants to pick on or make fun of someone. I can respond once muqaabla karna hai to mujhse Karo. I have a pretty basic hypothesis. I will be ten times ruder if someone is disrespectful to me. I won’t change whether someone likes me, sends me a witty message, or has a nice sense of humour. It makes no sense to criticise your young child or any other young child. I respect fans’ views, but until you’ve played professional cricket, you can’t understand the demands that players face both on and off the field “Before the commencement of the India vs. Sri Lanka game, Akram had remarked.

Akram used the case of Hasan Ali, the Pakistani bowler who endured relentless trolling after missing a catch against Australia in the World Cup semifinal last year, to highlight the need for supporters to change their behaviour toward one another. It is best for everyone if people approach it like a game because, at the end of the day, it is just a game.