Mitchell Johnson, a former Australian cricketer, has openly blasted Pat Cummins for failing to endorse Justin Langer, calling the Australian skipper “gutless” for not endorsing the T20 World Cup and Ashes-winning coach.

“Since his promotion to the top job this summer, Pat Cummins has been hailed as a cricketing saint. Cummins may have performed admirably with the bat during the Ashes series, but he has failed badly in his first big test as captain. Cummins wields considerable power and must have played a key role in the events. He’s obviously on a mission to acquire a coach he desires. His recent interviews have been gutless by not respecting his coach when he could have been upfront from the start. The baggy green is regarded as Australia’s most cherished icon. But what does it now represent? It stands for selfishness in the aftermath of Langer’s awful white-anting as coach, which led to his resignation on Saturday,” wrote Johnson.

Johnson is one of numerous former players who have spoken out in support of Langer, with Ricky Ponting and Matthew Hayden among the others.