Matthew Hayden, a former Australia batsman, is upset that players are skipping the white-ball series against Pakistan in order to compete in the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2022. Pat Cummins (KKR), David Warner (DC), and Josh Hazlewood (RCB) have all been rested for the series and will join their respective franchises in India. They won’t be eligible to participate in the IPL until April 6, though. Hayden has proposed a salary decrease for those who miss Australia’s matches.

“It’s a huge red signal for your high-performance set-up when athletes choose not to play for their nation. It simply doesn’t pass the pub test for me. The single most important factor that binds everything together at that level is your desire to play for your country, and if you don’t have that, I honestly wonder whether you have a high-performance culture at all,” Hayden told The Australian.

“It simply makes it so difficult to develop all of the things you’re trying to develop, such as team values, principles, and caring about your teammates. I simply feel that the players have been leading Cricket Australia around recently, and it has produced a unique set of challenges,” Hayden continued. Hayden, who was part of the Pakistan coaching staff during the T20 World Cup, expressed his dissatisfaction by saying, “You shouldn’t be able to cherry-pick when you want to play for Australia.”

“It’s incomprehensible to me. We all know how important the IPL is and that it has a window, and I understand how tough it is for players and administrators to work with contemporary schedules, but I still believe you can’t have your cake and eat it. There has to be some responsibility if you are unable to play for Australia. You should not be compensated for a job that you do not do, and you should be forced to make wage sacrifices. People will claim I participated in the IPL, which is correct, but it had no bearing on my eligibility to play for Australia. I couldn’t wait to play for Australia after seven years of trying and failing to make the damned squad,” Hayden ended.

Australia’s tour of Pakistan begins on March 4 with a three-match Test series against Pakistan. After the third Test, which ends on March 25, the IPL-bound players are anticipated to depart Pakistan for India.