Martin Guptill is a dubious starter for New Zealand’s next game against India, which comes as a shock to the team. New Zealand played against Pakistan at Sharjah Cricket Stadium and in this ongoing tournament, Pakistan defeated New Zealand by 5 wickets to make it two wins in a row. Martin Guptill, meanwhile, had a toe injury and the incident occurred when Guptill was struck on the toe by a ball from Haris Rauf, before being ejected by him. Meanwhile, Guptill’s health has been confirmed by New Zealand head coach Gary Stead.

During the game, Guptill scored 17 runs on 20 balls, Haris Rauf was the Pakistan cricket team’s first-choice bowler. Gary Stead provided an update on Guptill’s injury, “Guptill was looking a little bit uncomfortable towards the end of the match”. The following 24 to 48 hours, according to the head coach, will be crucial. “We’ll see how he cleans up during the course of the night. It might take 24 to 48 hours to see how he goes,” he said, adding that he seemed “a little uncomfortable at the end of the game.”

Lockie Ferguson, a superb pacer, had previously left New Zealand. With Grade 2 calf muscle damage, the pacer has been ruled out of the tournament. Adam Milne has been named as his successor by the New Zealand cricket team.

“We tried our hardest today to get our replacement player across the line with the ICC, but it wasn’t meant to be. That was particularly unfortunate for us because Adam Milne had been lined up as a like-for-like replacement. We’ll seek an explanation on their decision.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan is the favourite to win the number one spot, according to New Zealand head coach Stead. The remaining teams, on the other hand, are vying for second place.