Following their ODI defeat to seventh-ranked Bangladesh, Team India is receiving harsher and harsher criticism for their performance every day. Due to their inability to function as a cohesive team and several injury issues, India is severely suffering. Due to issues that have persisted since the Asia Cup, a squad that had one of its best years in 2021 is having an equally terrible year in 2022. After losing in the T20 World Cup quarterfinals, the Indian squad was expected to focus on the 50-over World Cup, but after two straight ODI series losses to Bangladesh and New Zealand, the team needs a wake-up call before it’s too late.

After a humiliating series defeat in Bangladesh, India’s World Cup-winning all-rounder Madan Lal has taken a severe stance against the team’s top hitters and accused them of not playing to their full capacity. Despite starting XIs that included players like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and Shikhar Dhawan, India lost both matches. However, Rahul’s 50 in the first ODI is the lone standout performance. Lal has raised concerns about the general performance of Rohit and others over the last several years, although he had a heroic performance while suffering a dislocated thumb.

He told PTI, “If your top order does not execute, you are not going to win.” “If you look at the statistics, how many centuries they (seniors) have scored in the previous three years? How many in the last year? With age comes a slowing down of your hand-eye coordination, but they are experienced players and they should have performed.

Kohli has only scored one century in the last three years, which came against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup earlier this year. India’s skipper Rohit has fared marginally better, with three centuries. Rahul also has two centuries, but they both came in tests. The top three Indian batsmen, who once gave the opposition something to dread, have been on the decline, which has truly hurt the team in recent years.

“Your bowling squad has unexpectedly lost a lot of strength. It seems like they aren’t getting any wickets. Bangladesh went 69 for 6, and as a result, scored 271 points. What precisely is happening then? Every nation is acting in that way. must have players with specialized skills for various forms. Why not employ many players for different formats? India should follow suit, he said, as all other nations are already doing it.