The captain of Pakistan, Babar Azam, has long led the ICC T20I rankings as the top batsman and often breaks records. However, the legendary opener has lately come under criticism for his batting strike rate, which, along with Mohammad Rizwan, is seen by detractors as the primary factor in Pakistan’s troubles in the T20I format. In reaction to these remarks, Ramiz Raja, the president of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), responded vehemently by giving a lengthy Virat Kohli speech.

Ramiz believed that the criticism of the Pakistani team had been a little bit too severe despite the fact that the team did not perform well against Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup final, despite being the favourites. In an interview with Samaa TV, Ramiz was speaking.

Ramiz said in defence of his viewpoint that Indian fans and the media had entirely forgotten about their Asia Cup performance, in which they had failed to reach the final despite being the overwhelming favourites to win the competition after Kohli’s century against Afghanistan. The seasoned player thinks Pakistani fans would have criticised Babar for his strike rate if he had scored 100 runs instead of reacting the same way.

“In the past, we would immediately fall short. Yes, we reached the title game, but our performance was lacking. But it’s OK to have a bad day. However, the Asia Cup included a greater number of teams. I believe that India should have been severely criticised for not making the final. The media and their followers, however, do not act in this manner. They completely forgot about their Asia Cup when Virat Kohli made a century against Afghanistan; I’ll tell you that much. Will we ever execute it? Babar Azam scored a lot of runs. However, David Warner had a strike rate of 147.3 compared to 135 for Azam. He thus said, “This has no value.