KL Rahul’s forceful response to the strike-rate discussion: “We criticize ourselves more than you guys do.”

“Nobody is flawless. Nobody in the changing room is flawless. Everyone has a goal in mind and a certain task to do. Naturally, strike rates are viewed as a whole. You’ll never know whether a batsman needed to play at a 200-strike rate or if the team could have prevailed with a 100-120 strike rate until they had played at a certain strike rate. Therefore, not everyone analyses these items. That’s why it seems low when you look at it “Rahul clarified.

“The answer is that I am working on it. The guidelines that have been communicated to each player over the last 10 to 12 months have been extremely clear in what is expected of them, and everyone is striving to meet those expectations.”

Rahul has struggled to perform at the peak of his game ever since returning from a protracted injury layoff; the right-hander acknowledges that it has taken him a few games to feel secure in his physique. “It’s been a few games since I returned from injury, but I’m in good spirits. Getting that time in the midfield was crucial. The Asia Cup and my trip to Zimbabwe to purchase a few items were thus really significant to me, and I’m doing OK. A battle against the Australian squad will be exciting, and playing at home will be enjoyable. I’m excited since it’s been a long for me “said he.

Rahul said that criticism is normal and that the Indian team players criticize their play more than the fans or anybody else when questioned about India’s recent results in multi-nation competitions, such as the World Cups and Asia Cup in recent years.

“What his captain, coach, and teammates think of him is what matters most to a player in that locker room. Everyone is attempting to provide their best effort, but not every player will be successful since only we know what is required of each player in terms of their function. We’ve established a setting like that where players are free to make errors and experience failure. For this, we exert the most effort “Rahul made a mention.

“There will always be criticism. We are the worst critics of ourselves of all of you. We have victory on our minds since we are representing our nation and want to take home the world cup. We are most harmed when we do poorly. It relates to what occurs inside our team. We have a leadership team and support staff that not only supports us during good times but also stands by us through difficult times when someone has performed well.”