He has received the nicknames “Beefy,” “Bull,” and even “Lord.” Shardul Thakur, an all-around player for India, is one of a select group of athletes who can completely alter the course of a game, regardless of its format or circumstances. He contributes runs with the bat as well as a few wickets to the star-studded bowling lineup to establish his presence. But more than anything, he enjoys succeeding under pressure, and one of his favorite destinations is England.

As a supplemental bowler, Shardul, who took seven ODI wickets during the most recent West Indies trip, fits in well. The pinnacle of his Test career to date is still his Oval performance. He displayed brilliance with the willow to strike a 36-ball 57, assisting India in scoring 191. Shardul increased his batting total in the second innings, collecting a 72-ball 60. Additionally, he claimed two significant dismissals, notably Joe Root in the second innings, which led to England’s batting collapse.

Shardul started in obscurity, much like the majority of athletes who want to be famous. During his early years, he commuted daily from Palghar to Mumbai for around 90 miles. Dinesh Karthik, the wicketkeeper for India, has showered high admiration for Shardul and explained how he produced outstanding results on the local circuit before mingling with Test players. The 30-year-“confidence” old’s on the largest platform was praised by Karthik.

“A lot of people assumed he was new when they saw him in that Test series, but I first saw him in 2012 when he was playing for Bombay, likely when few people were following the Ranji Trophy. What I loved was that he had 300 domestic wickets under his belt before playing Test cricket, which would be fantastic for a bowler. So, the first thing I looked for when I met him in England was if they could carry that confidence over to the international stage. And he provided a pretty clear response to one question. His confidence is one thing he doesn’t lack “on Cricbuzz’s Summer Stalemate, Karthik stated.