Arjun Tendulkar was purchased for Rs 30 lakh by Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 super auction in February, and supporters were expecting the 22-year-old to make his debut this season. But it was not to be, since Arjun was not given the opportunity to demonstrate his abilities. Arjun has been the subject of speculation as to when the left-arm seamer would make his IPL debut. According to former India captain Kapil Dev, people should leave him alone, and the message to the child should be to simply enjoy his cricket.

Kapil Dev further said that although having the Tendulkar surname has both benefits and drawbacks, everyone should keep in mind that Arjun is still a young lad.

“Why are you bringing him up?” Because he is Sachin Tendulkar’s kid, you are referring to him. Allow him to play his own brand of cricket and refrain from comparing him to Sachin. Let me tell you a story about Don Bradman’s kid, who changed his name because he couldn’t handle the strain. Because everyone expected him to be like his father, he dropped the surname Bradman. “On the Uncut YouTube channel, Kapil stated.

“Don’t put any unnecessary strain on Arjun. He is a little child. It’s unjust. Having the name Tendulkar has both perks and downsides. Who are we to say anything against Sachin when he has played such a significant role? But there is one thing I’d want to say to him. Go ahead and have fun. There’s no need to backup your claims. There is nothing greater than being half as good as your father. Because Sachin Tendulkar was such a fantastic player, we have high expectations when his name is spoken. He went on to say, “We should just leave him alone and advise him to enjoy his cricket.”