Former India captain Kapil Dev has expressed his views on sports infrastructure and facilities. He believes that eliminating duty on sporting goods will help the country develop more champions. This, according to Kapil Dev, will allow more children to afford the merchandise and participate in the sport.

Aditi Ashok, an Indian golfer who finished fourth in the Olympics but missed out on a medal, reportedly stated that she was unable to use the government’s TOP plan because she qualified for the Tokyo Games only 60 days before the main event. When asked how the government might assist golfers, Kapil Dev, a board member of the Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI), emphasised the necessity of abolishing the duty on sports equipment and how it will benefit athletes in all sports.

“If you abolish the levy on sporting goods, it will be the most important thing, whether it is badminton, table tennis, or golf. There are so many things (to buy) for young people who wish to go into those (sports), such as spikes, shoes, and so on. It is not a large sum of money for the country to charge duty on sports equipment; yet, if they do so, it will have a significant impact on the sport,” Kapil explained.

“Infrastructure is the most essential area in which the government can assist; the remainder is handled by the private sector. We don’t expect to be able to get everything from the government. We, like our company, should be self-sufficient (PGTI). We’ll try to make it easier for the kids to come out and play, and who knows, maybe we’ll receive a medal like Neeraj (Chopra). No one could have predicted that. How many young children can afford a javelin that costs a lakh?”

“The only thing we can ask of the government is that no taxes be imposed on sports equipment such as sneakers,” he continued.