The legendary Kapil Dev has praised Indian batting star Sachin Tendulkar, describing him as “the ultimate embodiment of skill and hard effort.” Tendulkar, who began his career at the age of 16, went on to become India’s greatest hitter of all time, hitting over 34000 runs and 100 international hundreds over the course of a 24-year career. Tendulkar has every batting record known to man, and while highlighting the significance of maximizing one’s skill and putting it to good use with hard effort, Kapil emphasized how Tendulkar worked on it for almost two decades, which helped him become the legend he is today.

“Sometimes, youngsters take up something to impress others. I believe that it is important to love yourself first and bring passion to whatever you like. There are no substitutes for passion, hard work and commitment. Sachin Tendulkar is the perfect example of talent plus hard work. If you are talented but not hard-working enough, then you can go the Vinod Kambli way. If your destiny is beautiful, why worry about the road ahead,” Kapil was quoted as saying by Entertainment Times during an interaction with students of Parul University last week.

In terms of his personal career, Kapil is the finest cricketer India has ever produced. Even though Kapil has been retired for 28 years, India is yet to unearth an all-rounder of his caliber. When reflecting on his own career, Kapil emphasized the significance of pursuing one’s dreams if one is to achieve.

“I don’t believe in speaking much and I have always been a man of action. I believe that if you are passionate enough, you can achieve anything. While practicing as a youngster, I would play for hours and I wouldn’t know the difference between day and night. I would wonder why I couldn’t carry on playing at night. When you love something, you forget about the time and everything else,” mentioned Kapil.