Another major issue has been added to the already overflowing list of England’s troubles. Jos Butler, who has suffered a finger injury, has been ruled out of the final Test match of the ongoing Ashes series. England has already lost the series, but they are yet to prove themselves by at least winning a match, and their prospects are looking very thin after seeing their star player get ruled out.

Joe Root has confirmed the news and has given important updates about Butler’s fitness. “Jos Buttler will be returning home after this game due to a serious injury. It’s a real disappointment and a shame that he won’t be in Hobart. Bairstow and Stokes were superb, and he showed his character by standing up for the team. A few of the guys have suffered serious injuries. It was quite crucial to play this sort of gem. It’s been a challenging tour. It was difficult at times, but one thing I was proud of was the team’s effort and spirit in finding a way to draw this game. I remarked after the last game that we should strive to instill some pride in the badge and provide something to the guys back home. ”

In their last match, England put up strong opposition to Australia and managed to draw the game. It would really boost the confidence of the England team if they win the final match somehow.

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