Mitchell Starc will be trying to enter the IPL again after playing it last in 2015. He says that he is managing test matches for his country while at the same time handling training for the T20 WC. It wasn’t surprising to hear about this move by Starc as the IPL is a cash-rich league and missing out on it would be a lost opportunity to earn loads of money that the IPL offers to talented players like him.

Starc says, “I have two days to turn in my papers, so it may be something I do today before training. I haven’t put my name down yet, but I have a few more days to think about it. Regardless of the next schedule, it’s definitely on the table. I haven’t been in around six years. With the World Cup coming up later this year and clearly a big slant towards T20s over the previous several years, that’s one to think about. When you include all of the trips, the calendars are very full, and we’ve got a couple of white-ball series after the Ashes before the Pakistan visit.”

Even England’s Test captain, Joe Root, has shown interest in playing in the IPL. He went unsold in the IPL auction of 2018 and since then hasn’t played in any of the seasons. He says, “The clock is ticking, yet I have a lot to consider. Will it have an adverse effect on my ability to play Test cricket? If I don’t believe it, I’ll put myself up for auction. But I would never do anything that would prevent me from representing England in Test cricket. It’s critical that I, as well as the other players, make this a top priority.”

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