Fast bowler Shardul Thakur feels that he must contribute when the other bowlers are having a break because he loves his position in the Indian Test squad. Shardul often bowls third or fourth in a Test match and said he likes to provide significant performances.

“Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, and Umesh (Yadav), whenever he gets a game, are all doing well right now in our fast bowling attack,” said Umesh. Thakur said to, “I will get the opportunity to bowl later.” They often began with the new ball and got two to three wickets in the opening session when Ishant (Sharma) was present.

“Because the lead bowlers must take breaks and the third and fourth bowlers are utilized more often during the stint when there is a partnership, there is a chance. At that time, I had the opportunity to seize a wicket and help the team out.

In the fourth Test at the Oval, India defeated England by 157 runs, thanks in large part to the right-arm pacer from Palghar, who stated, “I think it is my responsibility to bowl in such situations and I like it because if I deliver with a strong effort, it influences the game.”

The fifth Test, which starts here on Friday, pits India against England. Thakur will play for India in that matchup. The 30-year-old said that he enjoyed English bowling alleys. They think that since the ball swings so much and you can sometimes take a lot of wickets in one inning, England is a bowler’s paradise. I am opposed. Therefore, according to Thakur, I think one of my favorite places to play cricket and bowl is England.

How you choose to use the amount of lateral movement and off-pitch time available in England is entirely up to you. The fourth Test at the Oval included Thakur, a solid batsman who scored two key half-centuries and claimed important wickets in each innings. In the first innings, he contributed to India’s 191-point total with a 36-ball 57. Thakur scored a 72-ball 60 in the second inning to raise his total.