Indian women’s cricket has recently had two chances to win the ICC global championship. At the Lord’s ODI World Cup Final in 2017 and the Melbourne T20 World Cup Final in 2020. Women in cricket have received praise for coming in second place, but if you ask the players, they’ll tell you that the changing coaching staff hasn’t helped. Team strategy has been impacted by the coaching changes from Tushar Arothe to Ramesh Powar to WV Raman and back to Powar and now to Hrishikesh Kanitkar—he is solely designated as the batting coach.

Former captain Jhulan Goswami, who spoke as a guest at the Dilip Sardesai memorial lecture on Tuesday, said the squad deserved better. Given that I am not a part of the dressing room, it is quite difficult for me to remark. However, in the long run, you will need to settle down with a solid strategy and vision, and whoever is in charge should work there full-time, she said. They need to be hired full-time and then evaluated. I’m not sure why such choices (changes) were made. A seasoned coach and support staff are what I want to see.

Goswami said she was never involved in the meetings in which a group of top players told the BCCI who they wanted as a coach and who they didn’t. “In 20 years, I have never complained about the support personnel to the BCCI. I bemoan the lack of facilities and more domestic cricket. to take our daughters on business-class flights. They dislike my involvement in making decisions because of this. I’ve never gone to the board to express my desire for or disinterest in a coach,” she said.

With the present situation—India just suffered a 1-4 loss to Australia in the home T20I series—

In the next T20 World Cup in South Africa, Goswami sounded more optimistic than certain that India will be able to break the championship drought. “ICC competitions must be won if India wants to be (regarded as) a good team. Given the way they are prepared, I hope they do well and bring home the Cup in February.”


Indian women’s cricket is becoming more and more popular, yet there are still some issues with the national squad. “Women’s cricket is set to have an interesting year. We had been patiently waiting for women’s IPL. Finally, it will take place. It will undoubtedly alter women’s cricket in India. I have always thought that you need a strong home circuit if you want to defeat Australia and advance. Our domestic cricket will greatly benefit from the WIPL. They’ll be able to make more money and make better time management decisions.

She applauded the BCCI’s initiative to equalize match fees for men and women. She did, however, also want the board to support local players more. “Give domestic cricket enough weight. Give them top-notch facilities, more funding, and more matches, she urged.

“Those are the new players who take the place of the old guard. Your cricket will develop more quickly if your home is well-organized. Australian cricket developed in this way. This is how men’s cricket developed.