When India plays Australia in a four-Test series beginning next week, Virat Kohli will be hoping to rebound from his recent struggles in white ball cricket and do the same in the longest format. Last year, Kohli broke a more than a three-year dry spell in international cricket by scoring his maiden T20I century at the 2022 Asia Cup. Despite India being eliminated in the semifinals of the 2022 T20 World Cup, he went on to end with the most runs scored there. He then went on to make three ODI hundreds in four innings, the latest of which was a furious 166 not out against Sri Lanka last month.

However, between the first and second of these hundreds, Kohli only managed to score 1, 19 not out, 24, and 1 in two Test matches in Bangladesh. When Australia visits, he will have the opportunity to break his dismal Tests streak as well. Tests were the format in which he last scored a century in 2019 before going on the more than a three-year dry spell. The legendary Australian bowler Jeff Thomson once defeated players like Viv Richards and Sunil Gavaskar, and he once said that bowlers should always use the same tactics whether they are facing a great batter or not. Only with players like Kohli must they be careful not to bowl any errant deliveries to them.

“It is no different from everybody else, so. It would be the same as bowling to any other person if you were to Virat. You attempt to restrain him and annoy him. It’s really difficult to score runs against a hitter who has all the chances, therefore don’t let him have any. Make him take on more danger than is necessary. Force him to leave his comfort zone “Thomson said on RevSportz.

“It’s easier said than done, but competent bowlers ought to be able to do better than the common jerks. You restrain him and hope that he makes a dumb attempt. To everyone, you bowl in that manner. Don’t give anybody an easy run, whether it’s Sunny Gavaskar, Greg Chappell, or Viv Richards; if you do, they’ll simply throw you about. They just keep going, and before you realize it, they are standing up and leaving.”

According to Thomson, the struggle is as much a mental one as it is one of the talents. The 72-year-old, who is generally considered the quickest bowler of all time, said that the bowler must realize that batsmen of Kohli’s caliber are certain to have a successful day on fields that favor batting, but they must still make things as tough as possible for them.

“You cannot retreat, but you must use caution. It’s a mental conflict between you and him (Virat). The first to break is the loser. You must be stronger than he is, regardless of how powerful he is. Both hitters and bowlers figure out who the good players are. They proceed with plans B or C after realizing what is happening. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but you can still do it as long as you know you gave it you all, didn’t bowl a bunch of junk, and made it simple for him. Excellent players on good wickets must enjoy themselves on their day “Added he.

“Generally speaking, he will have fun if the pitch is decent, but don’t make things simpler for him. You have to be tough to play international cricket. You must want to surpass the greatest. Everyone in the world would have been terrified if I had had to face Viv Richards, but I wasn’t. He had my attention. Since you anticipate his approach, you are aware of your chance. My job is a little bit tougher because a hitter like Gavaskar won’t chase you down, “said Thomson, a deadly fast bowling pair with Dennis Lillee who amassed 200 wickets in 51 Tests.