On Monday, Mohammed Shami was widely discussed online for two reasons. One was his masterful use of the old ball during the T20 World Cup exhibition match between India and Australia at the Gabba, when he caused a run-out and subsequently picked up three wickets, two of which were with devastating yorkers that assisted India in winning by six runs. Two: Pakistan Cricket posted a little video footage of Shaheen Afridi and Shami having a touching conversation on their Twitter account. The video enraged the internet.

When India and Australia played a warm-up game at the Gabba, Shami was nearby at the practice nets. Players from Pakistan were also at the nets getting ready for their warm-up match versus England that will take place there following the India encounter.

Shaheen approached the seasoned India bowler and welcomed him with, “Shami bhai kaise hai aap (How are you),” since he is also making a return to the T20I team.

Shaheen’s admiration for Shami’s bowling and praise for his ability to produce an upright seam can also be seen in the footage. “I’ve been watching you since I began bowling, and ever since then, I’ve been a huge fan of your wrist position and upright seam,” Shaheen remarked. “Jab se maine bowling start kari hai tabse mai aap ko follow kar raha hu, aap ki na wrist position aur seam ka jawab nahi hai.” And thus Shami’s master session on seam positioning got underway.

“Agar release point acha ho jayega na seam bhi theek ho jayega” (if the release point is on point, then the seam would be naturally nice), remarked Shami.

In the last over against Australia, Shami was at the height of his brutality. He managed to defend 11 runs in only 6 balls, but he let up 4 runs in the first 2 balls before losing 4 wickets in the following 4 balls.

“Since he had been away for so long, we decided to give him an over. “I wanted to push him and give him the last over to bowl, and you saw what he did,” India captain Rohit Sharma said after the game.