Match Preview

Ireland Women will be up against Netherland Women in the 3rd Match of a 4-match T20I series on 29 July 2021 in The Village, Dublin. Ireland Women had won the 1st match and is currently leading the series 1-0. The rain forced the cancellation of the 2nd T20I encounter between the two teams. The final two games of the series will determine the series’ outcome.

Pitch and Weather Report

The pitch is balanced and is more favorable to spinners. Chances of light rain with temperatures at 17 – 28 °C


Total matches                            16

Matches won batting first           7

Matches won bowling first         9

Average 1st Inns scores           159

Average 2nd Inns scores          139

Highest total recorded               252/3 (20 Ov) by SCO vs NED

Lowest total recorded                70/10 (12.3 Ov) by IRE vs IND

Highest score chased                194/6 (17.4 Ov) by IRE vs SCO

Lowest score defended             129/8 (20 Ov) by HK vs IRE

Top 2 Wicket-Keeper picks

1) Babette de Leede – The right-handed batsman has given decent performance in the last match.    She has a lot of potential to play well in the upcoming match owing to her experience in this format.

Matches – 22

Runs – 205

Average – 17.08

2) Shauna Kavanagh – The right-handed batsman is a talented and experienced player from her squad. She’ll prove to be a beneficial batsman in the next match.

Matches – 47

Runs – 288

Average – 11.52

Top 4 Batsman Picks

1) Gaby Lewis – The right-handed batsman is also an off-spinning all-rounder with a drive to perform her best in the upcoming matches. She is a wise pick for the next match.

Matches – 43

Runs – 792

Average – 20.84

2) Laura Delany – The right-handed batsman is a top order player with dynamic skills in this format. She is in good form and has the potential to destroy opponent’s bowling lineup.

Matches – 66

Runs – 710

Average – 17.75

3) Rebecca Stokell – The right-handed batsman is a tall opening batter who hits the ball a long way. She has given consistent performances in her career and will prove to be a beneficial player in the upcoming match.

Matches – 13

Runs – 155

Average – 12.91                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 4) Robine Rijke – She is a right-handed hard-hitting batsman who smashed 30 crucial runs in her last match. She is an important pick in the team for the next match.

Matches – 20

Runs – 199

Average – 14.21

Top 4 Bowler Picks

1) Eva Lynch – The right-arm offbreak bowler delivered phenomenal bowling spells in the last match. She took 2 wicket in the previous match and hence becomes a valuable player for her squad in the next match.

Matches – 9

Wickets – 5

Economy – 5.78

2) Lara Maritz – The right-arm medium bowler is a fiery, remarkable pacer who took 3 wickets in her last match. She is looking in good form and is a valuable asset for her team.

Matches – 21

Wickets – 14

Economy – 23.50

3) Frederique Overdijk – The right-arm medium bowler has quick pace and her bowling attack helped her bag 2 wickets in the last match.

Matches – 4

Wickets – 3

Economy – 10.54

4) Silver Siegers – The legbreak bowler is a talented and one of the youngest players from her squad, and yet she has a decent stat record in this format. She took a wicket in the last match.

Matches – 17

Wickets – 10

Economy – 7.32

Top 4 All-rounder Picks

1) Heather Siegers – The right-handed batsman and right arm medium bowler is an asset for her team. She is in good form and will be a wise pick for the next match. She played phenomenal innings in the past few matches and proved to be a deadly player.

Matches – 16

Runs – 220

Average – 15.71

Wickets – 18

Economy – 6.13

2) Miranda Veringmeier – The right-handed batsman played great innings in the last match. She is in good form as she made 33 hard hitting runs in the previous match.

Matches – 18

Runs – 264

Average – 17.60

Wickets – 2

Economy – 4.59

3) Orla Prendergast – The right-handed batsman and right arm medium bowler played great in the last match. She is in good form as she made 27 hard hitting runs and even took a wicket in the last match.

Matches – 13

Runs – 144

Average – 14.40

Wickets – 12

Economy – 4.26

4) Leah Paul – The left-handed batsman and slow left arm orthodox bowler is new to international cricket but has been performing great in the domestic circuit. She has consistently taken wickets in the last few matches.

Matches – 14

Runs – 88

Average – 11.50

Wickets – 0

Economy – 6.60

Predicted Playing 11

Netherlands Women – Frederique Overdijk, Heather Siegers (c), Babette de Leede (wk), Miranda Veringmeier, Robine Rijke, Eva Lynch, Juliet Post, Iris Zwilling, Silver Siegers, Annemijn van Beuge, Isabel van der Woning

Ireland Women – Rebecca Stokell, Gaby Lewis, Laura Delany (c), Shauna Kavanagh (wk), Eimear Richardson, Orla Prendergast, Lara Maritz, Leah Paul, Sophie MacMahon, Celeste Raack, Ava Canning


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