The Chennai Super Kings’ choice of captain in the 2022 Indian Premier League was criticized, and it remained a major factor in their yet another forgettable season. They finished ninth in the standings with just four victories in 14 games, and they were separated from last-place Mumbai Indians only by a marginally higher net run rate. With MS Dhoni stepping down as captain, CSK chose Ravindra Jadeja to fill the position. However, the captain of the reigning champions, who were also burdened by the leadership, battled greatly. Later, during the second part of the season, Dhoni stepped into the position. Will the famous cricketer still captain the team, though? (Live Score: India vs. Pakistan, Asia Cup 2022)

On Sunday, CSK CEO Kasi Vishwanathan made a significant announcement about the franchise’s captain for the 2023 campaign when he acknowledged that Dhoni, who guided Chennai to four IPL championship titles, would remain as the team’s captain.

“Our position has not changed. We never said that there would be a change, Kasi remarked in an interview with InsideSport.

On the eve of the IPL 2022 season’s commencement, Dhoni startled the crowd by announcing his intention to stand aside as captain, and CSK promptly appointed Jadeja as the new captain. The team and Dhoni had said that the all-rounder was informed of the choice after the 2021 season. Under his leadership, the club only achieved one victory in the first eight games, placing Chennai at the bottom of the standings. He also had a bad run of form with the bat and the ball. Jadeja finally decided to step away from the position to concentrate on his performance and returned the reins to Dhoni.

“Jadeja likely anticipated serving as captain this year throughout the previous season. I was in charge of his work for the first two games, “Dhoni explained the rationale for the change in captain. “I urged that he make his judgments and accept responsibility for them after that. You don’t want him to feel, at the end of the season, that the captaincy was handled by someone else and I’m simply going for the toss. As a result, the changeover was slow ” Giving a captain instructions beforehand won’t help; on the field, you’ll need to make those important judgments and accept responsibility for them “When you are made captain, a lot of expectations are made of you. Because I would love to have a Jadeja as a bowler, hitter, and fielder, I thought that it was having an impact on his performance. We want you to be at your best, even if you relieve the captaincy ” he added.