It’s that time of year again when all 10 teams attempt to fine-tune their plans and get ready for a fresh Indian Premier League campaign. Yes, the IPL 2023 will mark the league’s 16th season, but before it begins, the clubs will assemble in Kochi for a pit stop and player auction. While this year’s event is not as large as its predecessor, its importance cannot be discounted. Last year’s IPL super auction was a smashing success as clubs put together their unit from the ground up.

This time, the auction is a “mini” one that will just last a day, but don’t worry—the surprises it is slated to dole out guarantee that it will be just as thrilling as it was the year before. One day before the auction begins, we have you completely covered. Here is all you need to know about the IPL 2023 auction, including team purses, new regulations, and how many spaces a franchise may fill.

How many players will be available in the IPL 2023 Auction, and how many open spots will there be?

In contrast to last year, when a total of 509 sportsmen were scheduled to be auctioned off, this year’s auction will include 405 athletes from the original list of 991 players. 273 of them are Indian citizens, while the rest 132 are foreigners, including four from partner countries. Of the 296 players, 119 have cricket caps and 119 have none. All 10 teams will fill a total of 87 places, 30 of which will go to foreign players.

the money that each franchise has left over

The cumulative spending capacity of all 10 franchises is a staggering 174.3 crore, with Sunrisers Hyderabad having the most budget and Kolkata Knight Riders having the smallest. The amount of money that each franchise has in reserve is shown below.

Chennai Super Kings: $20.45 million

Delhi Capitals: $19.45 million

Gujarat Titans: $19.5 million

KKR: $7.05 million

23.35 crore Lucknow Super Giants

Mumbai Indians: $20.55 million

Punjab Kings: $32.2 million

8.75 crore for Royal Challengers Bangalore

Rajasthan Royals: $13.2 million

SRH – $42.25 million

Who conducts the auction?

The auctioneer will be Hugh Edmeades, who replaced Richard Madley in 2018. Unfortunately, Edmeades fell halfway through Day 1 of the big auction the previous time, and Charu Sharma took his place. On Day 2, he did make a comeback during the last rounds of the auction for the final player spot.

Will a Right to Match Card be available?

No, is the response. The franchise is not permitted to use the Right to Match card, and the auction will adhere to the previous edition’s guidelines in this regard. The RTM card is a clause that first appeared during the 2018 auction process and allows a club to purchase a player back after another team has already signed him. But after giving it a lot of thought, it was decided to avoid it.

New “Impact Player” regulation

The “Impact Player” rule will be implemented at this IPL auction. Following this, one replacement player each time will be permitted to participate more actively in an IPL game. However, according to the BCCI’s notification, this restriction only applies to local cricket players and not to players from other countries. However, it still stands as an exception if a club chooses to deploy fewer than four international players in its starting lineup. The Impact Player may be introduced before the start of an inning, after an over, or upon the fall of a wicket. The captain has the authority to make the announcement. The participant who will be replaced by the Impact Player won’t participate any longer in the game.

Who is the IPL auction’s oldest and youngest player?

Afghanistan’s Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar, a right-arm spinner, is the youngest player to make the IPL 2023 auction shortlist. Veteran India spinner Amit Mishra is the oldest participant in the auction. The only bowler in IPL history to record three hat-tricks is 40-year-old Mishra.

A quiet tie-breaker is what?

If two teams are deadlocked after spending all of their money pursuing a player, they may each submit a final closed bid sum, and the team with the highest bid wins. They will submit the additional money, which is not from their wallet.

Rapid-fire auction

The players that are selected to go on will have one more opportunity to be chosen during the accelerated round. Each club chooses a list of players they are interested in and provides it. Players who have not yet been presented or those who have already failed to sell are included in the list.