Mayank Agarwal is one of just two players retained by Punjab Kings ahead of the mega-auction for the IPL 2022 season, the other being Arshdeep Singh. He was also named captain of the 2014 finalists shortly after the auction.

Punjab has a proclivity towards rapid change. The gang looks to be in great form this time around. Mayank is a team player who will put the team first, even if it means putting his life on the line, but you just refuse to adapt, whether it’s Anil Bhai (Kumble) or anybody else.

Mayank Agarwal, the new captain of the Punjab Kings, feels the team has put together a title-winning side for the IPL, which starts on March 26. After the departure of his opening partner KL Rahul to the Lucknow franchise, Agarwal has been awarded the leadership role after four seasons with the squad. In the previous two seasons, Agarwal has scored 400+ runs and created one of the best opening pairs in the IPL with Rahul, but the club failed to reach the play-offs. 

The team’s management is banking on its newest additions to turn the team’s fortunes around. “We like to think we have a title-winning group, and now it’s up to us as players to put our abilities to the test under pressure and see what we can come up with,”

Agarwal told PTI on Saturday. “I can’t discuss the batting order at this time, but I can say that we are thrilled to have Shikhar on board. He’s a complete showman, a fantastic entertainer, and a huge performer, and a lot of the men will feed off of his vigour. He’s also in a wonderful frame of mind.” Conversations about Agarwal heading the side went on for a long time, and he is merely pleased about the prospect, according to Agarwal.

When Rahul was sidelined last season, he temporarily commanded Punjab Kings, and he believes that experience will assist him this season. “It is undoubtedly beneficial (having captained the team before). I’ve got a taste of what it’s like, and it’s not pleasant “. He went on to say that the fact that he has never won the championship adds no extra pressure. Punjab has added power-hitting expert Julian Wood to their support staff ahead of the 2022 season.