The fate of the Ahmedabad franchise acquired by CVC Sports remains uncertain in all the hype over the two new Indian Premier League (IPL) teams. There have been some rumors about the same thing, but the BCCI has not yet called for a Gujrat-based franchise decision. In fact, they are unexplainably silent about the problem. However, it turns out that the advice of a retired Supreme Court judge has been obtained, and his advice is awaited. In an ideal scenario, it seems correct to give the second-highest bidder a franchise if CVC Sports is not allowed to own a team, but according to Cricbuzz.

Only 48 hours after CVC Sports purchased the Ahmedabad team for 5,625 crores, a legal issue arose. CVC was questioned as being involved in dealings with international gambling companies. Former IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi tweeted about the same thing. However, regardless of the uncertainty, there seems to be an atmosphere of confidence in solving problems. According to the Indian Express, BCCI does not seem to have any problems in acquiring the Ahmedabad franchise in IPL. This is mainly because the Asian fund of the international conglomerate that bought the franchise has no connection with any gaming company.

“CVC has two funds, a European fund and an Asian fund. Although its European fund has links to legal (sports) betting companies, its Asian fund is clean. They invest from their Asian fund. This is the understanding. Nevertheless, BCCI may set up a committee within a few days to double the determination,” a board member who attended the annual general meeting told the Sunday Express. Therefore, BCCI is expected to answer the call regarding the fate of the new team. If CVC is not allowed to own this team, then it will obviously be re-bid. However, this may hinder the 15th edition of IPL.