It has been in talks that the IPL 13 will be played in UAE between September and November. Also, the good thing for IPL is that the ICC T20 Cricket World cup is likely to get cancelled, confirmation from ICC is still awaited.

UAE has accepted the offer to host this year’s IPL with proper prevention amid COVID-19 pandemic. Matches will take place in front of empty stadiums, which, as stated by BCCI, is not a problem for them as IPL has its major percentage of viewership from TV. 

BCCI expects the franchises to place their camps at least three weeks before the start of the league to assess fitness of the players. The current conditions in India make it highly difficult to host the camp in the country, which is why BCCI decided to start the preparations for hosting the IPL in UAE under mutual consent.

This IPL season will allow people to relax on their couch and enjoy the game with friends and family. To make it more exciting, you can download the Fan2Play app on your device and can actually play with your friends by making your own team. We bet, once you play a challenge, you’ll be super motivated to watch the match.