As initially feared, IPL 2020 season has been postponed indefinitely by the BCCI and it seems very unlikely we will see Cricket’s most awaited T20 League in action this year.

Although BCCI secretary Jay Shah has confirmed that if the Corona Virus pandemic shows signs of improvement, BCCI could cancel their upcoming future tours to ensure IPL 2020 takes place this year.

A measure of such drastic nature is taken because of the revenue Indian Premier League generates. It is expected that there could be a loss of close to £750-850million if the 13th edition of the IPL does not take place.

So it is understandable from BCCI’s point of view if they are willing to make sure IPL is played this year even behind closed doors or with other safety measures.

What next for Cricket Fans?

The wait for Cricket action to resume has been a very frustrating one for the fans who are still hopeful of IPL and T20 World Cup to take place this year. Australia play the hosts to T20 World Cup later this year but given the Covid-19 pandemic, one has to wonder if that series will take place or not.

Cricket fans have been finding it tough to digest this long wait but given the severity of the current situation waiting could be the only feasible option for everyone.