Even though the Nagpur match was cut short to eight overs for each side, India’s series-tying victory over Australia would have undoubtedly helped ease tensions among the host team.

There were significant worries over the condition of the Indian squad going into Friday’s rain-delayed game. While Rohit Sharma’s leadership came under question, the lackluster bowling efforts received most of the attention. There were questions about whether Sharma was losing his leadership touch after he failed to protect healthy totals in three crucial games this month.

India lost to Pakistan in the Asia Cup after scoring 181 points. Additionally, they failed to stop Sri Lanka’s 173 attacks. There were grounds for concern after the Mohali defeat to Australia when the team failed to defend 208. After all, India’s World Cup opener against Pakistan is only one month away.

The BCCI wanted to win both the T20 World Cup in Australia and the ODI World Cup at home in 2023, so they replaced Virat Kohli with Sharma. Despite his success in tests, Kohli was unable to win an ICC trophy. Sharma’s leadership differed from how he manages Mumbai Indians since India lost the three games despite experimenting with the squad. He was energetic in the IPL, feverishly waving and grumbling or yelling directions to teammates. He was laid-back outside of the IPL. Additionally, having little time to experiment hasn’t been helpful.

Sharma’s stellar batting performance should be helpful. The true measure of a leader is how they react when under pressure. Although eight overs per side is not a legitimate game, the way it turned out for him will be very important to him. He put on a batting display to score 46* off 20 balls while chasing 91, mesmerizing the audience. He will restore composure thanks to the performance and the victory.

India still doesn’t seem to be a side that can routinely defeat the top T20 teams. The batting must be at its peak during the T20 World Cup. When Sharma is in excellent shape, it lasts for a significant amount of time, and he ends up dominating a tournament like his hitting five century in the 2019 World Cup, which increases India’s chances. He seems to be moving toward that region. He has played purposefully in the previous three to four games. A 41-ball 71 came after a 16-ball 28 against Pakistan at the Asia Cup.