The Indian government has expressed reservations about participating in the global competition just one day after the ICC gave Pakistan the rights to host the 2025 Champions Trophy. Anurag Thakur, India’s sports minister and former president of the BCCI, said on Wednesday that the Indian government will monitor the security situation in Pakistan at the moment before deciding whether or not to send a squad to the eight-team global event.

“The Indian government – the Home Ministry – has already reached its decision,” Thakur said in a press conference in Delhi on Wednesday. “When such worldwide tournaments take place, a number of things are taken into account.

“You would have seen many countries opt out in the past to go to Pakistan and play because the situation there is abnormal. The primary problem there is security, since teams have been targeted in the past, which is a cause for concern. As a result, when the time comes, the Indian government will make a choice based on the situation.”

The Champions Trophy will be the first time Pakistan has hosted an ICC tournament since the 1996 men’s ODI World Cup, which was co-hosted by India and Sri Lanka. Since the 2008 Asia Cup, no Indian team has played cricket in Pakistan.

Since Rahul Dravid’s side visited Pakistan in 2005-06 for a complete tour that included three Tests and five ODIs, the two neighbours have not played any bilateral cricket in Pakistan. Pakistan visited India in 2007-08 for a reciprocal tour, but the fragile political relationship between their governments has limited connections to one white-ball bilateral series in India in 2012-13 and games between the two in ICC competitions since then. Pakistan visited India in 2011 to compete in the ODI World Cup semi-finals and then again in the 2016 T20 World Cup.