The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which had been hesitant to participate in the Olympics, is now willing to do so if cricket is included. Cricket will be included in the Commonwealth Games for the first-time next year, with the women’s squad competing. In September 2022, cricket will be played at the Asian Games in Hangzhou. The International Cricket Council has suggested to the International Olympic Association that Cricket be added to the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, for the 2028 edition.

It is expected that both men’s and women’s teams would compete in an eight-team event. The India Olympic Committee, on the other hand, should have no objections to BCCI competing in the events, and the Indian board will require government support.

“Once cricket is added in the Olympics, India will be participating, the BCCI and the ICC are on the same page as far as participation in the Olympics is concerned” BCCI secretary Jay Shah said.

Cricket provides India with an opportunity to improve its medal chances. The BCCI is considering sending a squad as a result. A BCCI official stated, “The BCCI is more than delighted to engage with the government to help boost India’s medal chances.” Although the ICC is attempting to globalise the sport, it currently has 92 associate members, with only 12 Test-playing nations. Cricket hasn’t been featured in the Olympics since it isn’t played all over the world, but that could change for the 2028 event.