The Indian players were won over by Pakistan skipper’s young daughter Fatima, and the ICC shared a photo of the ladies in blue with Bismah and her child, putting the rivalry aside. Bismah held Fatima in her arms at the stadium in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, and a video of the Indian cricketers playing with her went popular on social media.

Bizmah said “A mother is necessary for a child’s development. The dilemma would have been if I had to continue my profession, where would my child go? And who will look after the youngster if I’m on the field? Hiring a babysitter and accompanying her everywhere is costly, and as female cricketers, we don’t make nearly as much as males. Our contracts allow us to live and work, but without a parental policy, it would have been impossible to continue playing with a kid.”

“With a youngster around, the team has a different spirit, and everyone is more relaxed.” When you’re excessively focused on one issue, you put yourself under a lot of strain.