India and Pakistan will play a pivotal encounter in the men’s Asia Cup in 2022, reigniting their cricketing rivalry for the first time since the T20 World Cup the previous year. The squad led by Babar Azam defeated India by 10 wickets in the match in October of last year to become the first team to ever win the prized championship. India has now made some big changes to its T20I team, with Rohit Sharma taking over as captain in place of Virat Kohli.

The depth of India’s squad has also significantly increased, and Ricky Ponting, a former Australia captain, thinks that this would aid India in winning the Asia Cup, which begins on August 27.

“India is usually tough to defeat in any match, not only the Asia Cup, but I think they’ll be right in the mix in the next T20 World Cup. I believe that India will win the Asia Cup because they have more depth than the other teams.” During the most recent ICC Review meeting, Ponting said this.

Despite Pakistan’s lead in head-to-head play, India led the Asia Cup after 13 games, 7-5. (one no-result). Ponting anticipates a competitive match between the two teams, but he thinks India will win as well.

“I’ll continue to wager on India to defeat Pakistan in that game. That doesn’t diminish Pakistan’s image as a fantastic cricketing country that consistently produces sportsmen of the highest caliber “Ponting said.

On August 28, the two teams will meet, and they’ll likely play another Super 4s game. The T20 World Cup will include participation from India and Pakistan on October 23.