China has a long way to go before joining the top 10 cricket teams in the world, despite India being a global powerhouse. However, China has asked India for assistance as it moves on with its goal of becoming a major cricket-playing country. The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) received a proposal from the Chinese Consul General on Monday on how to help the growth of cricket in China.

A three-member Chinese delegation led by Zha Liyou, Consul General, the People’s Republic of China in Kolkata, met CAB president Avishek Dalmiya with a proposal to establish cricketing relations with the association. In Chongqing City, China, the delegation requested assistance to enhance the game.

Speaking on the subject, Dalmiya stated, “A Chinese group had visited CAB and asked for our assistance in fostering cricket in Chongqing City. We have pledged our help because we support the idea of bringing cricket to every country, and it is good to see China take the initiative to participate.

He said, “We have always helped Bangladesh cricket board and Bhutan cricket. In Bangladesh, we have many exchange programs. For their young children, they want some friendly competition and exposure. They want their children to visit us. Their coaches are welcome to visit us for training. China is treating the situation seriously.

“Today they came, they indicated a desire to participate in an exchange program; we will support them whether it be via friendly matches, etc.,” he said. We are always supporting the development of cricket. Globalization was my father’s guiding principle, and even while he served on the Asian Cricket Council, China received much attention for them to advance. They also value the work my father made.

According to the request, the Cricket Association of Chongqing was keen to work with CAB to raise the game’s standards in the city. The Chinese officials suggested that they and CAB establish a memorandum of understanding so that they may send players to Kolkata for training. According to the plan, China wants to broaden the scope of the project via, among other things, friendly games, coach introductions, and cross-country trips.