SuperSport, who was the broadcaster for the India-South Africa series, has clarified that the controversial decision of Dean Elgar’s DRS review included the Hawkeye technology and that this technology wasn’t controlled or manipulated by the broadcaster in any way.

“SuperSport has taken note of some of the Indian cricket team’s statements. Hawk-Eye is an independent service provider that has been certified by the ICC, and its technology has been used as part of DRS for many years. The Hawk-Eye technology is not within SuperSport’s control. ”

The match officials from ICC had a discussion with the Indian team management, but there were no charges filed against the team or any of the players. Kohli provided justification for his outburst. “We knew what occurred on the field, and outsiders have no idea what goes on the field, so for me to try to defend what we did on the field by saying we got carried away is incorrect. If we had charged up and taken three wickets there, it would have most likely been the turning point in the game. The fact is that we did not put enough pressure on them for long enough periods of time throughout the test match, and as a result, we lost the game. That one moment appears to be extremely wonderful and thrilling to build a controversy out of, but I’m not interested in making a controversy out of it. It was only a fleeting moment, and we quickly moved on, concentrating only on the game and attempting to pick up wickets. ”

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