On the eve of the second Test in Johannesburg on January 2, India Test captain Virat Kohli did not appear at the news conference. On January 2, Team India coach Rahul Dravid visited the PC. He was also there for the first Test. Virat Kohli has not attended any PC since his dramatic media encounter before his departure for South Africa. During that conversation, he made major claims about his ODI dismissal and how no BCCI official had sought out to prevent him from stepping down as T20I captain.

After the confrontation with the media, it was thought that Virat was being kept away from press conferences. All such suspicions were put to rest on Sunday by Dravid, who said that Virat is not attending the PCs because his media management is preparing him for a huge PC on the eve of the third Test, which would also be Virat’s 100th Test. According to Dravid, “I don’t get to choose who goes to PC. The media manager made the decision, and I recall him informing me that Virat would be at the PC for the Cape Town Test, which will also be his 100th, significant milestone. So you (journalists) will have enough opportunity to speak with him on that day.”