Former Pakistani captain Mohammad Hafeez recently said that the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI) money is the reason why the Indian cricket team receives favorable treatment from other international cricket competitors during a conversation regarding the Asia Cup 2022 tournament. Once they discovered the senior Pakistan cricketer’s opinions, which they did not agree with, fans brutally criticized him for the comment on Twitter.

During his discussion on PTV Sports before India’s match against Pakistan in the Super Four of the ongoing Asia Cup in the UAE, Hafeez said, “I don’t know much, but I definitely know that in our society, whoever is the earner is loved by everyone, is the most laadla (pampered), and gets the most kisses from everyone.”

“India is an economically productive country. It is really hard to refute these facts, particularly in bilateral series held all over the world when contestants get sponsorship and a jackpot, “Hafez said.

In an attempt to clarify his comments, the presenter questioned Hafeez whether he meant to refer to India as “laadlas” because of their current domination in international cricket across all forms or because they make more money. Hafeez retorted, pointing out the second reason with a sardonic smirk.

Following hearing the announcement, several of the fans on Twitter reacted as follows: Indian cricket fans were incensed by Hafeez’s comments regarding Rohit Sharma and his leadership during the Asia Cup earlier on Thursday.

“Rohit Sharma’s emotion is evident after the game. This expression was used after India’s 40-run triumph. Rohit Sharma seemed fragile, afraid, and perplexed when he came out to throw, as I had previously indicated from his body language. I can’t imagine Rohit Sharma, who has played some fantastic innings in games. Being the captain, I think Rohit is under a lot of pressure. He responded, “He’s got a lot of difficulties.