The International Cricket Council (ICC) is planning a $3 million effort to get cricket into the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Cricket’s campaign for Olympic inclusion was dealt a huge defeat earlier this month when it was not included in the initial list of 28 sports for the big event in 2028. The ICC, on the other hand, dismissed this as a cause for concern, citing the “ample time” available to campaign for cricket’s inclusion. Changes to the preliminary list are expected to be made until 2023 when the Local Organising Committee for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics proposes new sports.

The fact that the apex board has Olympic ambitions was confirmed by their public announcement in August, but the agenda has yet to be set due to a variety of factors, including internal board turmoil.

“It took time to get the ball going,” an official familiar with the ICC’s bid development told ESPNcricinfo. “At this point, there hasn’t been enough work done. Within the ICC, there have been far too many sideshows.”

The ICC had formed a working group, led by then-acting ICC chair Imran Khwaja, that included independent director Indra Nooyi, then-ECB chair Ian Watmore, Zimbabwe’s Tavengwa Mukuhlani, and Scotland’s Tony Brian, to provide a detailed report on how cricket could be made into an Olympic sport. The committee never met, and Khwaja was eventually replaced as ICC chair by Greg Barclay. Later, the ICC was rocked again when its chief, Manu Sawhney, was fired after claims of workplace bullying.

“ICC squandered valuable time debating a chairman, and even after a sub-committee was constituted in December 2020, it didn’t actually begin work until barely four months ago,” one ICC member from Canada had previously stated. “The ICC’s hopes may be pinned on the final list of sports for LA28 in 2023, but don’t expect other sports to just give way to cricket.”

“We realize it won’t be easy to get in because there are so many other excellent sports out there,” Barclay remarked at the time. “However, we believe that now is the time to put our best foot forward and demonstrate what a fantastic collaboration between cricket and the Olympics can be.”