The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), feeling “short-changed,” has chosen to contest the planned two-and-a-half month longer timeframe for the Indian Premier League. The matter will be brought up in the next ICC session, according to PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja.

“The IPL timeframe not being extended has not yet been announced or decided.” At the ICC conference, I’ll share my thoughts on this matter, “Raja said at a press briefing on Friday. In his words, “My stance is clear: if there is an evolution in global cricket that implies we are being short-changed, we will contest it in a very vigorous way and put our point through firmly in the ICC.”

The PCB’s decision to formally appeal the ruling comes only weeks after Jay Shah, the secretary of the BCCI, said in an exclusive interview with PTI that the Indian board will be granted an extension for the IPL during the ICC’s next FTP cycle, which runs from 2024 to 2031.

“To accommodate all the best international cricketers, the IPL will officially have a two-and-a-half-month window starting with the next FTP cycle.” We have spoken with the ICC and several other bodies,” according to Shah, PTI. Raja said that while Pakistan is eager to compete with India, there are still obstacles due to the political dynamic between the two neighbors.

There are now three former cricketers leading their respective cricket boards; if they can’t make a difference, who will? Raja remarked in a sideline conversation with Saurav Ganguly.

“Cricket-wise, it made sense to go, but due to the circumstances, we had to consider the consequences of accepting the invites,” he said. “Twice Ganguly asked me to attend the IPL finals last year and this year, and it made sense to go,” he said.

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