The legend of Virat Kohli continues to spread with each international century. If any Indian batsman has captured the attention of the world more than the Master Blaster after Sachin Tendulkar, it is Virat Kohli. Tendulkar made a whole country feel they could be No. 1 in the 1990s and 2000s because they discovered the best batsman in the world in Sachin. Years later, Kohli has picked up the reins. The idea is that 2023 will once again be The King’s year. Like every other class hitter, Kohli had a lull in form, but thanks to their manner he came back last year at the Asia Cup and capitalized on it with back-to-back hundreds.

With Kohli scoring his 45th ODI century, it won’t be long until he passes Tendulkar for the most hundreds in the format with five more centuries. It will happen since Kohli still has at least two more years remaining in his career, particularly because 2023 will be a World Cup year and India will play a lot of ODIs. Kohli has been Tendulkar’s deserving successor just in terms of batting; he is leagues ahead of the rest of India’s batters, thus it is only appropriate that he surpasses his hero.

Sanjay Manjrekar, a former colleague of Sachin’s from India, believes that Kohli’s main challenge is not to match Tendulkar’s total of test tonnes, but rather to score five more ODI hundreds. Tendulkar leads the field by a wide margin with 51 centuries, while Kohli is far behind with 22 further hundreds. Kohli has a lot of catching up to do at 34 and 29 Test centuries, but Manjrekar is hopeful that Virat can maintain that goal and work hard to achieve it “For Kohli, the biggest obstacle will be scaling Sachin’s Test hundreds. Kohli is a legendary player in this format (ODI); this is not to imply that he is not a legendary player in Test matches. 51 test hundreds represent Tendulkar’s true excellence. That’s the one he’s going to pursue, and I hope he keeps that goal in mind and succeeds “On the Byju’s Cricket Live Show, Manjrekar, a former Mumbai and India colleague of Tendulkar, made a statement.

Between 2008 and 2013, Kohli and Tendulkar shared a significant number of cricket matches and were colleagues for India. However, it wasn’t until Sachin’s retirement that Kohli established himself as one of the best hitters in history. Other Tendulkar marks that Kohli may be able to surpass include the most runs scored by an Indian batsman in away ODIs and a specific foreign nation.