Fan2Play is a 1 vs 1 (Head to Head) Online Fantasy Game where two players choose their teams and challenge each other with one user winning the challenge and the money. On Fan2Play Fantasy Game, you will either create a new challenge or accept the challenges created by other players.

The most unique part about Fan2Play Fantasy game is that here you can create your team with just 2 or 3 or 4 Players. No Credit Limits, No Player Type Limits, just choose the players you think will do well for you in a game and start challenging others and win money. For those who love the 11-player Fantasy Game, the 11-player Fantasy mode is also LIVE on the app. Please download the latest version of the app to play 11-player Fantasy.

The winner of a challenge is decided based on the Fantasy points scored based on player’s on-field performance using Fan2Play’s Point Scoring System.

In this game, participants play a role similar to that of Selectors for any sport. They do not predict the outcome of the match. Hence, the game played on this platform is a ‘game of skill’ and not ‘chance’.

How to use my ₹20 Sign-up Bonus?

At Fan2Play, you get instant sign-up bonus of ₹20 which you can use to play 1 vs 1 challenges or join 11-player Fantasy Contests. You can use 100% of your Bonus Amount in every challenge or contest you join. The maximum amount you can use in a single challenge or contest is ₹5.

Example: If you are a first time user and are creating or accepting a ₹25 challenge or joining a ₹25 contest on Fan2Play app, you can use ₹5 from your Bonus Wallet and only spend ₹20 from your Deposited Wallet.

*NOTE* – All cash bonus given by Fan2Play expires on 14th day of its credit to your wallet

I have always played 11-player Fantasy Game, how do I play on Fan2Play?

Fantasy gaming is even more fun and easier when you play with Fan2Play. Simply choose a team of 2, 3 or 4 players from any of the upcoming match, create your own challenge and decide the challenge amount. If you are accepting an already created challenge, you need to match the challenge amount and then create your own Fantasy Team. (Pictures Below)

What if my chosen player does not play in the match?

You can edit your team until the start of a match on Fan2Play and remove the players who are not part of the Playing XI. You can make unlimited edits before the match starts.


How to create a challenge card?

Once you login to your Fan2Play account, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • In the bottom panel, click on the ‘Create’ icon to start creating a challenge
  • On the Create Challenge page, click the plus (+)’ symbol to start selecting your players
  • From the top panel, select any of the upcoming matches. You can now create your team with either 2, 3 or 4 players
    • Please Note: For 2 and 3 players team, minimum one player has to be from each team. For a team of 4 players, you have to choose 2 players from each team
  • Select the amount you want to create the challenge for
  • You can set the Challenge type to either Public or Private
    • Public: anyone logged on the Fan2Play app can accept your challenge
    • Private: Option to play privately with friends, family or known ones. You will have to send them the invite through email

What is the Point Scoring System on Fan2Play?

To know the scoring system on the app, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on the Accounts icon on the bottom right corner of the app
  • Click on ‘Scoring’
  • Select ‘Cricket’ or ‘Soccer’ and It will take you to the detailed scoring page. Click here to view Scoring System on the website.

Can I delete a challenge created by me?

Yes, you can delete a challenge created by you but only till the time it has not been accepted by anyone. Once the challenge has been accepted by other player, it cannot be deleted.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to delete a challenge:

  • Go to the MY CHALLENGES screen and tap All CARDS
  • Apply the Filter of “Created” to see your created cards for the upcoming matches
  • Then on the bottom left of the Challenges Press “X” and the challenge will be deleted
  • Deleting a card will refund the Challenge Entry Fee back into your wallet

How can I change the amount of the challenge created by me?

Once you have created a challenge card, you cannot make any changes to it. You can however delete the current challenge and create a new one with the desired amount.

What happens if nobody accepts the challenge created by me?

If the challenge is not accepted by any of the opponents, it will be considered EXPIRED and the challenge amount will be credited to your wallet.

Where would I be able to see my accepted and created challenges?

Kindly, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to your Fan2Play account.
  • Click on the MY CHALLENGES tab on the bottom panel.
  • Click on ‘ALL CARDS’. You will see options like ‘CREATED’, ‘ACCEPTED’, ‘SAVED’ and ‘INVITED’. Based on the filter selected, you will see your challenges here.

What are the deadlines for creating and accepting the challenge?

You can accept or create a challenge up to the official start time a match.

How many challenges can I accept or Create?

There is no limit on the number of challenges you can accept or Create.

Till when the challenge created by me can be cancelled?

The challenge created by you can only be cancelled till the time the match has not begun and/or the challenge has not been accepted by any other opponent.

How can I privately invite others and share my challenges?

To send a private challenge you must to select the ‘Private’ option while creating the challenge and invite your friends, family or knowns through their email IDs.

Can I see the challenges which I accidentally swiped left or rejected?

Absolutely! Once the stack is reset, the card will appear again in few hours’ time.

Can I make changes to my team once I create or accept a challenge?

Yes, you can make changes to your Team and edit the selected players before the match starts. You make unlimited changes to your team. To edit your teams, go to “MY CHALLENGES” tab and select the challenge for which you want to Edit your team and click on the “Edit” button highlighted in blue colour.

What is the ‘2x’ option while creating a challenge?

While creating or accepting a challenge you will see the option of selecting a “STAR PLAYER” in your team. This star player has a 2x value and all the points scored by your “STAR PLAYER” will be doubled in the game to give you a better chance of winning.

How can a challenge be saved?

To save a challenge, “SWIPE DOWN” on the challenge screen.

Can I use multiple devices to log into my Fan2Play account?

Yes, you can use the same Fan2Play login on multiple devices.

How can I accept the private challenge?

Private challenges appear in the MY CHALLENGES-> INVITE option on the app.

When are the points updated for every match?

The points are updated through a highly reliable third party live score feed and Fan2Play takes no responsibility in any discrepancies which happens in the live scoring.
The scoring of players happens in real time, however, when the match ends, the API feed takes few minutes before declaring the result correctly.

How the score is affected if a match is concluded by a Super Over?

The Fantasy Score for players is not affected by the Super Over as wickets taken and runs scored by the players during the Super Over are not counted in their official records.

How do I score Fantasy Points on a challenge?

The Fantasy Score will depend on the performance of your selected players in the match, so to ensure the
highest score, select the best performing player. For detailed information, please check Fan2Play’s Fantasy scoring system.

How long it takes to update the scores?

Scores are updated constantly during the Live Match. When the match ends, the final scores and result is announced within minutes of the match’s end.

How can I check my player’s points?

You can check your player points by clicking on “VIEW BREAKUP” button on the active challenge card.