Virat Kohli, who is hailed among cricket fans as one of the best and most famous cricketers of all time, has again found his name on the internet for the amount of money that he earns. Hopper HQ has released a list on their Instagram page for 2021, and this list contains the names of celebrities and sportspersons who charge the most for an advertising Instagram post. Virat Kohli has been ranked in the 19th position as he charges $680,000 for a single paid Insta post.

He is the most followed personality on Instagram in Asia, and so it can be rightly understood how he manages to earn such a huge earning through promotion. Priyanka Chopra Jonas follows Virat as the second Indian who charges the most on Insta. Kohli has been a phenomenal cricketer throughout his career and has garnered a lot of respect and fame in the cricketing community.

The No. 1 spot in the list is held by Christiano Ronaldo, who charges $1,604,000 for 1 paid Insta post. Virat Kohli has recently stepped away from Test cricket and left many fans wondering if this will affect his brand image. But it appears his brand won’t be affected and it doesn’t matter if he is a captain or not. According to TOI, Santosh Desai, who is the MD & CEO of Future Brands India, has said that “In the medium term, his worth as a celebrity brand ambassador is unlikely to be affected by his absence from the helm. His bond with Anushka Sharma would assist in making things easier. His form, though, will be crucial in the long term. Even now, every other commercial you see on TV features Dhoni. ”