While Rishabh Pant has several lacerations (deep wounds) on his skull and ligament damage in his right knee, according to Dr. Sushil Nagar, who evaluated Pant at the Saksham Hospital in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, Pant is not in danger and requires no treatment. The India wicketkeeper-batsman was involved in an accident at about 5:30 am on Friday when his Mercedes struck a road barrier on the Delhi-Dehradun highway.

CCTV footage revealed that Pant’s car hit the traffic barrier, flipped over several times, and then ultimately came to rest on the other side of the road. It caught fire shortly after the crash, but fortunately, Pant was able to flee the car by smashing the window. Pant was going to see his family after returning from a holiday in the United Arab Emirates. He was the sole one in the car at the time of the crash.

“When he was brought to our hospital and I spoke to him, he was fully awake. He intended to surprise his mother when he got home “Dr. Nagar spoke with PTI. “He had two serious head injuries, but I didn’t stitch them up. I advised him to go to Max Hospital so a plastic surgeon could evaluate him there.”

“But according to reports from X-rays obtained at our hospital, there is no bone injury. He has a torn ligament on his right knee. The extent of the problem can only be evaluated after further examinations and a comprehensive MRI. “There are various degrees of ligament damage, and a complete recovery might take two to six months.

The big bruises on Dr. Nagar’s back, which have gained a lot of attention in social media postings, do not burn wounds, he claims.”

The injuries occurred when he jumped out of the flaming car by breaking the window as soon as it began to burn. He hit his buttocks on the side of the road and the skin peeled off. However, these wounds are not burning wounds and are not very harmful.”

Pant was thereafter instructed to visit the Max Hospital in Dehradun. Dr. Dishant Yagnik, the medical director of Max Hospital in Pant, is being examined by a team of orthopaedists and plastic surgeons in the emergency department.

“A full bulletin on his condition would be provided in approximately an hour,” he said after the inspection.

Pant was expected to head to the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru to treat a knee ache after being left out of India’s ODI and T20I teams for the home series against Sri Lanka. It is unknown whether the knee was hurt during the collision.