Lance Klusener, who still holds the record for the greatest test debut performance by a South African (8 for 64 against India in 1996), eventually established himself as one of the game’s most feared ball-strikers in one-day international cricket. The fact that Klusener had also taken 19 wickets in the 1999 ODI World Cup is sometimes overshadowed by his batsmanship. At the Legends League Cricket, Hindustan Times spoke with Klusener, who is presently Zimbabwe’s batting coach. Zulu discussed a variety of topics, including Hardik Pandya’s development as an all-rounder, Dinesh Karthik’s position as a finisher, the current India vs. South Africa T20I series, the impending T20 World Cup, and more.

The quotes are as follows:

Both South Africa and India will play their last two games before the T20 World Cup. How do you see this series ending?

Kyle Kluserner It will be a bit closer than we all anticipate. At full power, India will always be a challenge in its backyard. The attention will be focused on a few standout performances. From a South African perspective, someone like Temba Bavuma comes to mind. Since he is recovering from an injury, I believe there will be a lot of eyes on him. Virat Kohli is always being watched, both for his actions and his performance. I wonder how the Indian bowlers would do against the South African hitters, particularly late in the game. Do they have the ideal fusion? However, I don’t think the outcomes of these games will have a detrimental impact on either of these two countries World Cup chances.

In white-ball cricket, Hardik Pandya has transformed into an Indian team’s match-winner. What do you think about him?

Kyle Klusener It’s a wise inquiry. Pandya’s hitting isn’t an issue, in my opinion. Regarding his bowling, In all facets of the game, can he reliably bowl his allotted number of strikes? His batting is among the greatest in the world.

Do you think he belongs in the same category as Ben Stokes?

Kyle Klusener In my opinion, Stokes is a little bit more well-rounded than somebody like Pandya. He is, nonetheless, always learning. The advancements Pandya has made in international cricket over the last two to three years are incredible. He’s not quite the completed article, in my opinion. I believe we can categorically place him in the same category as all great all-rounders the sooner he reaches that (level) when he completes all of his overs all of the time. He is close to the top, but not quite.

Dinesh Karthik is another contemporary player you could identify with because of the specialized finishing role he is playing. Can he alter the outcome of the match with only two overs of batting?

Lance Klusener: He can undoubtedly change the outcome of the last few overs. It has happened innumerable times. I believe that MS Dhoni has left a big gap that has compelled the selectors to look elsewhere, and you already know how well Dinesh has succeeded in doing so. He has performed the finisher’s duty (quite well). It didn’t matter what number I was hitting while I was playing. Getting the proper people to bat at the appropriate moment was more important. DK has shown a desire to complete games. The Indian cricket team has taken notice of it. I used to go there between 35 and 40 overs. It didn’t matter whether we were down one or six. I would just enter at the appropriate moment. DK will reveal the same thing to you.

Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, has lately kind of made it his mission to play the aggressor on the powerplay and take chances. Your opinions?

Kyle Klusener Whatever the fielding limitations are, he is exploiting them. It’s a bit of a risk if he has been urged to play differently. In any case, I believe Rohit has been doing extremely well. He doesn’t have to pursue the prey. Perhaps someone else is available to fill that position. The value of Rohit is too great for him to change from what he has been doing for so long.

Who would you choose as the T20 World Cup favorite?

Kyle Klusener The favorites have to be Australia since they are in their backyard. Then, I would estimate that there are five teams (who can pose a challenge). India, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, and England. They will be at the top if they can maintain solid performances and consistency during those three weeks. But it’s difficult to predict. These six clubs should have equal chances, in my opinion.

What does it feel like to be back playing cricket?

Kyle Klusener I always liked my time here, and it’s good to be back on the field and in India. It’s always wonderful to return here, especially with the way cricket has been supported. Hopefully, the days that are left will be as interesting as the ones we’ve had so far.

What do you think of the structure and concept of the Legends League Cricket?

Kyle Klusener Does T10 have to be used? I’m not sure, but that is the question we can pose. But the appeal is undoubtedly in letting older cricket fans, like your mom and dad, return to the stadium to relive the experience and see players they once admired before passing on the information to the next generation. It’s a great concept. It motivates us, players, to maintain our health as well.

How was your playing experience under Harbhajan Singh?

Lance Klusener: Wonderful to see Bhajji once again. To play for him is fantastic. At Mumbai Indians, I had the honor of mentoring him as well. We go far in the past. He’s an excellent rival. His bowling hasn’t changed in my opinion at all. He is India’s greatest asset. Simply wish him luck. It’s fantastic to have them on my side for a change since, except for him, other team members have been opponents of mine in the past.

Source: HindustanTimes