It has been crazy old few days where a certain Cricket controversy has been making the headlines every single day. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, the world of cricket has come to a standstill as cricket matches all over the world are canceled. However, Chris Gayle made sure that Cricket continued to be in the headlines when he went on an extended rant against one of his former teammates Ramnaresh Sarwan.

What caused the  Chris Gayle vs Ramnaresh Sarwan controversy?

The controversy featuring Chris Gayle and Ramnaresh Sarwan is about how and why Gayle was booted out of CPL franchise Jamaica Tallawahs. The dashing opener has blamed Ramnaresh Sarwan of playing politics and stabbing him in the back eventually leading to Gayle losing his place in the franchise.

Gayle had started his CPL career with the Jamaica Tallawahs but then joined St Kitts and Nevis for one season only (2016-17). The Universe Boss was signed by his home team on a 3-year deal last season as their marquee player. Gayle claimed that he wanted to retire while playing for the Tallawahs but dirty politics from Ramnaresh Sarwan, chief executive officer Jeff Miller and owner Krish Persaud led to his swift exit from the CPL franchise.

Gayle directed all his anger towards Ramnaresh Sarwan and delivered an emotional and angry rant on his youtube channel.

Gayle said: “Sarwan wanted to be the head coach of the Tallawahs’ team,” Gayle said in the video, split across four segments. “I tell Sarwan directly: ‘Sarwan, you’ve no experience in being a head coach, it’s not an easy job’. He decided to say, ‘okay, whatever you want, you are the captain, no problem, we’ll leave it at that’. Not knowing that what I did was eating him out, so they made Donovan Miller the head coach.”

“Sarwan you are a snake. You are so vindictive. You are still immature. You are still stabbing people in the back. You are still carrying news. When you gonna change, Sarwan, seriously? When are you planning to change?”

“I am done with you”

Sarwan’s take on Chris Gayle vs Ramnaresh Sarwan controversy

The Chris Gayle vs Ramnaresh Sarwan controversy did not end there as obviously the accused Sarwan got back with his version of the story. Sarwan replied: Christopher Gayle’s outburst disseminated via a YouTube video a few days ago, is quite unfortunate.

In that video, he has leveled false allegations and tarnished the good name and reputation of a series of persons. I was the focus of most of the onslaughts. I reply, not because I feel that Gayle’s rantings are worthy of it, but because I feel that the public’s record must be set straight and also, to protect the character and careers of so many people, whose image he sought to besmirch.

No doubt, Gayle’s utterances has done immeasurable damage to the “gentleman’s game” of cricket, in particular, West Indian cricket. As a former International Cricketer, who had the privilege of donning West Indian colours, I feel compelled to speak in defence of this great sport which has unified the Caribbean more than anything else over the past 50 years.

It is my sincere hope that Gayle’s damnation has not caused irreparably damage to the unity and brotherhood which cricket has forged across the West Indies.”

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