The former opener’s direct assessment of the problems facing Rohit Sharma and company: “…big concern for India.”

There is still uncertainty in the squad, former players and analysts are saying, and India has only one more game to play before they go for Australia for the T20 World Cup. India has a history of giving up a lot of runs in the last few overs, which puts them in danger of losing star fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah to injury.

A long-standing problem for India, apart from that, has been its repeated inability to successfully protect objectives. The fact that they failed to hold off Australia last month while being given a huge goal of 209 is a good illustration of this. Aakash Chopra, a former India opener, has said that India must be ready for the likelihood that they may have to bat first after losing the toss several times in the 2022 T20 World Cup, as they did in the last competition.

India’s main concern is defense. In the Asia Cup and the first T20I against Australia, they were unable to defend against Pakistan and Sri Lanka. They have since won tosses and pursued totals. But if they continue to field first, they risk losing if the toss isn’t in their favor. It’s a major concern if Team India’s whole World Cup campaign depends on winning the toss, he said on his Youtube account.

In their first T20 World Cup encounter against Pakistan, India had chosen to bat first but lost by a score of 10 wickets. They later lost by eight wickets in their second game against New Zealand after losing the toss. India’s chances of reaching the semifinals were dashed by the two defeats.

India lost the toss in its matches against Pakistan and New Zealand even during the last World Cup. Game, set, and match after that. The contest was over for them. In Australia, there won’t be any dew, but there was in the UAE. Additionally, there was no dew in the Asia Cup. When will India be ready for the possibility of Bumrah being absent and losing the toss? The main question is what he remarked.