In today’s era, fantasy sports have become a huge part of the sporting world. It was even more difficult to think a few years ago that one could assemble a team of players from two existing teams and compete against other users with that team. With the development of fantasy sports, this has become a reality. All you have to do is form a virtual squad with expertise in a specific sport and win significant prizes based on the points earned by that team.

Fantasy sports has expanded and developed tremendously over the last few years all around the world, and it has begun to garner enormous popularity in India as well. The stats, on the other hand, do not lie. According to a poll, there were around two million individuals playing fantasy sports in India in June 2016, and this number has grown tremendously in the last five years. It was estimated that 90-100 million people played fantasy sports in 2020. Fans have been more engaged in the game as a result of the emergence of fantasy sports, and they have begun to analyze it. When compared to a few years ago, the study on the game, players, and venues has increased significantly. Almost every major league, series, or tournament is covered by the majority of fantasy sports systems. Every now and again, a new fantasy platform makes its debut on the market.

Several distinct groups of statistics-obsessed fans came up with the notion in the 1950s and 1960s, with fantasy baseball being the most popular at the time. Initially, fans tracked their players’ stats using paper and pencil, but in the 1990s, numerous websites began offering computerized leagues for a fee. Yahoo was the first large website to offer free league hosting in 1999. In the years since, the popularity of fantasy sports in general — and football in particular — has exploded, and the majority of individuals now use free online platforms. 

For a long time, most professional leagues shied away from fantasy sports, seeing them as a kind of gambling. However, in 2002, the NFL conducted research that revealed that fantasy football players watched substantially more football than non-fantasy players, and the organization began actively pushing the game and even offering fantasy leagues on its own website.

Fantasy football is a game in which you play as a Fantasy Manager and are tasked with assembling a team of real-life players who score points for your side based on their real-life performances in matches. To play Fantasy Football, you must select a team of 11 or, in some cases, a squad of 15 or more real-life players who will represent you each week throughout the season. They will score you points over the course of those weeks, which will be added to and subtracted from a total that will be compared to other teams in your little league and/or the Fantasy Game world at large, with rewards on the line.

Indian Fantasy Football is a legitimate sport in the country. Using their knowledge and talents, registered users can play and earn cash prizes. The PGA, or Public Gambling Act, does not apply to online football fantasy games. Playing fantasy football online is a completely safe and secure experience for users. Fantasy football is a game that is played online for amusement purposes only and is not considered gambling.

The Indian fantasy football game has become quite popular in India due to Indian Super League Cricket. It has grown in popularity in recent years, attracting both fans and sponsors, while football’s popularity has not decreased. Unlike other games, this one allows the user to form many teams and compete in various leagues to improve their abilities and boost their chances of winning money. Fans of fantasy football in India can now play the game online via a website or a mobile app, putting their knowledge and talent in the game to the test.

Fantasy Football at Fan2Play

Fan2Play has included more fun than the usual 11-player format, in which a user must choose 11 players from a pool of 22 to start the game. Also, whether or not the chosen player is your captain and whether or not he has scored or assisted on a goal, determines a lot of the outcome. Fan2Play, on the other hand, is revolutionising the way Football Fantasy is played in India. Fan2Play’s football fantasy allows you to form your own squad of two, three, or four players, with no captain or vice-captain drama. Furthermore, the point scoring system will allow you to defeat your opponent by selecting two defenders, one midfielder, and one defender, or both strikers. The point system has been thoughtfully constructed so that true football enthusiasts can enjoy Fan2Play’s fantasy football game.

Everyone on the contest leaderboard’s winning zone wins actual money. If you follow La Liga, for example, remember to set up your team before the game begins. The leaderboard comes to life as line-up announcements are made. Monitor your team’s performance minute by minute, and if your strategy is sound, you’ll be ranked first, winning big in Mega Contests!

Fan2Play is one of the newest fantasy gaming apps to hit the Indian market. Fan2Play Games Pvt Ltd started in 2020, and it is fast growing. This platform is adaptable and dynamic and unlike most of the top fantasy apps, does not have a predefined template. When compared to other apps, Fan2Play’s High Winning Probability Model is one of the most appealing features to its players. Fan2Play aspires to change the way people think about fantasy sports.

Any player has higher chance of winning a contest on Fan2Play, compared to any other platform. The procedure of proving your ability and judgment, however, remains the same. You select players who, based on their previous performances, you believe will score the most points for you on the pitch. Fan2Play is run by a competent management team with years of experience in the fantasy sports market and online gaming. Above all, we prioritize a seamless, transparent, fun, and trustworthy gaming experience.