What is Fan2Play?

Fan2Play is an online Fantasy Game platform for all fantasy freaks, built with a mission to redefine the world of Fantasy Sports and introducing an unique way of playing and enjoying Fantasy Sports. Fan2Play is a Fantasy gaming contest where players choose own team/s and challenge each other.

With Fan2Play, one is not only concerned with picking a complete playing XI. Here you can also create your team consisting of 2 or 3 or 4 players and you are all set to take the panga.


What is Fantasy Cricket at Fan2play?

Fantasy Cricket game at Fan2Play is a completely different way to earn money with utmost ease. We not only let you play with the classic 11-player team, but you can also play with just 2/3/4 players having 50% probability of winning. You either Create a challenge or accept a challenge and win real money with Fantasy Cricket game on Fan2Play app.


How to play in Two Variants on Fan2Play?

Unlike other Fantasy platforms, Fan2Play just not have the typical 11-player team concept where you need to put all your brain figuring who is going to score the most or perform well.

We offer two formats so you can get maximum benefit playing them and they are Classic 11-player Fantasy and 1-1 Challenge.


  • Classic 11-player Fantasy


In the classic version of the Fantasy Cricket game, you need to select the top 11 players who can be best relied upon to score points for your team with their personal performances in batting, bowling and fielding.

You start by picking at least 3 or more batsmen, followed by 3 or more bowlers, a couple of all-rounders and one or more wicket-keepers. You must vary the combination based on the type of teams that are playing, the playing conditions (whether it is batting friendly or bowling).

Once you have selected your playing 11, the important part is to choose the perfect captain and vice-captain because they give you 2x and 1.5x points respectively.


  • 1-1 Challenge


1 vs 1 (Head to Head) Challenge Fantasy is where two users choose their teams and challenge each other with one user winning the challenge and the money.

Here you can create your team with just 2 or 3 or 4 Players. No Credit Limits, No Player Type Limits, just choose the players you think will do well for you in a game and make one of them the captain which will give 2x points and start challenging others and win money.


How to create a challenge card?


Once you login to your Fan2Play account, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • In the bottom panel, click on the ‘Create’ icon to start creating a challenge
  • On the Create Challenge page, click the plus (+)’ symbol to start selecting your players
  • From the top panel, select any of the upcoming matches. You can now create your team with either 2, 3 or 4 players
    • Please Note: For 2 and 3 players team, minimum one player has to be from each team. For a team of 4 players, you have to choose 2 players from each team
  • Select the amount you want to create the challenge for
  • You can set the Challenge type to either Public or Private
    • Public: anyone logged on the Fan2Play app can accept your challenge.
    • Private: Option to play privately with friends, family or known ones. You will have to send them the invite through email.


Delete an already created challenge?


At Fan2Play you can delete a challenge created by you but only till the time it has not been accepted by anyone. Once the challenge has been accepted by another user, it cannot be deleted. 

Please follow the steps mentioned below to delete a challenge:

  • Go to the MY CHALLENGES screen and tap All CARDS
  • Apply the Filter of “Created” to see your created cards for the upcoming matches
  • Then on the bottom left of the Challenges Press “X” and the challenge will be deleted
  • Deleting a card will refund the Challenge Entry Fee back into your wallet


Is Fan2Play Legal?

Yes, it is legal and safe to play Fan2Play because the relevant law in India have made it clear that Fan2Play’s Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football games are a ‘Game of Skill’.

All games and contests at Fan2Play are designed in accordance with the Indian legal system. Which also means that users from the states Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, and Telangana will only be able to play the practice contests.

According to the existing laws in India, users from the above-mentioned states are ineligible to participate in any contest which has cash distribution, as winning prizes.

For any further queries, please contact at support@fan2play.com

Here are the reasons why you should play at Fan2Play

  • More than 1 way to play Fantasy game
  • Cheapest contest available, starting from INR 5
  • Many cash contests & practice contests
  • 50% chances if winning in 1v1 Challenges
  • Safe & legal
  • Exciting deposit offers & winning prizes at regular intervals
  • A dedicated Blog that offers Fantasy Cricket Tips, News